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A way to get experience and certifications while completing industry-approved welding projects is in the works for Logansport. A welding institute will be implemented at the Logansport campus of Ivy Tech starting Oct. 14. The “institute model” structures classes in 40-week programs and will span 12 months from start to finish..

“There is a strong skill set needed for welding at Logansport,” said Rodni Lytle, an Ivy Tech Kokomo Region administrator. “There are small and large manufacturers in the area along with a diverse population that could benefit from the training.”

Lytle, dean of the school of technology and school of applied science and engineering technology for Ivy Tech Kokomo Region, which includes Logansport’s campus, said he’s familiar with the institute method, since the Kokomo campus has an automotive and welding institute..

“The welding institute is a different way of packaging technical skills and meeting any skill gaps,” Lytle said. “Each session is designed to help students see completion.”

Five eight-week sessions will make room for students to start in October, January, March, June and August. During each session, the class will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. Students will be able to earn seven American Welding Society certifications.

Ivy Tech will also reach out to other counties to see if people are interested in signing up, according to Kevin Bostic, vice chancellor and campus dean at the Logansport campus.

The institute model has been successful at other Ivy Tech sites, Bostic said. The automotive institute program on the Kokomo campus has the largest enrollment in the state. Because of that, additional classes have been added and there has been a waitlist to join, he said.

Lytle anticipates that will happen at Logansport’s campus, too. The new welding institute leader, Nellie Neal, is a licensed secondary education teacher and certified welding.